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Halo 5 Request for Coaching

Irritic BKT
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Halo 5 Request for Coaching

Post by Irritic BKT on Tue Jan 17, 2017 8:58 pm

Hey everyone, 

I'm new to the BKT. I play with Invictus and his sub-community, however, due to my limited experience (Invictus suggested my rank is 800ish (sad about it), and only playing Halo for a month), as well as the fact that my current desired main game is Halo 5, I don't want to impose being a student on Invictus, since he can offer so much more than I need right now. 

However, no one in Invictus' sub-community besides Invictus himself can offer the coaching skills I think is necessary to improve.

So, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to be a temporary coach at least, or permanent at best for Halo 5. 

Any help is appreciated!
PrZ Shadow
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--------- A Top 250 Player ---------

Sagittarius Cat
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Re: Halo 5 Request for Coaching

Post by PrZ Shadow on Wed Jan 18, 2017 4:53 am

Hey buddy,

Welcome to the BKT (welcome to hell xD) but seriously, if you are playing with invictus I think you are in one of the best hands in getting better faster. As for your rank, it doesnt matter if you are 800 or even last on the roster, we all start some where. Ill be happy to give you a few games with my crew when we are on next time. We do all kinds of things but if you specifically want to work on your aim and movement I have a few variations of Octagons and Movement maps such as wipe out or a ninja course. 

My Gamertag is:
PrZ Shadow

-See ya soon Wink

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